Zack Palantzas is currently pursing his Master of Business Administration at Dalhousie University. A portion of Zack’s program requires him to complete an 8-month corporate residency. Our business unit, InnoSoft, was a great fit for Zack in his residency. Zack had the opportunity to talk with our Jonas Halifax team to teach them more about InnoSoft’s operations, his role within the team, and to learn a bit about his journey!

What does InnoSoft do?

InnoSoft creates campus recreation management software and is the leader in recreational management with over 330 institutions using their software. Campus recreational management is what universities or institutions use to book out their facilities, membership access, POS sales and more. An example, Dalhousie University is a client of InnoSoft and any bookings done for their gym, intramurals, facilities, etc. are all booked through InnoSoft’s flagship product called Fusion. InnoSoft provides this service to large and smaller institutions across North America from institutions like Iowa State and Michigan State.

What is Zack’s role with the company?

Zack currently works for InnoSoft as a Product Manager. Right now he is working on a project that is focused on creating a software for club sports. Curious about what a Product Manager might do? Here are some of Zack’s main responsibilities:

  • Lead and attend a lot of meetings – both internal and external meetings
  • Meets with the design team regularly
  • Meets with the sales team to help navigate and market their products
  • Holds interviews with potential clients to see what their needs are and to get a better understanding of how they can better equip their product to the consumers needs
  • Designs front end prototypes to help visualize concepts
  • Demos the prototype to early adopters and iterates based on useful feedback
  • And more!

Working alongside the different teams within InnoSoft and with external parties has been something Zack has really enjoyed. It has given him the opportunity to really understand how he can make this product the best it can be. His dad always used to tell him that you have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth use them proportionally. He finds tremendous value in listening and taking advice from experts to grasp their feedback to co-create a great product with the consumer.

What has Zack’s journey been so far?

Zack graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Software Engineering. This program enabled him to improve his programming abilities, but also taught him to better analyze information at a high-level like an engineer. After graduating from McMaster, he knew that he wanted to work for a company where he was able to make a big impact, be creative, and make a difference. He did not feel as though coding day to day was going to satisfy his creative juices and he recognized that it wasn’t sustainable for his lifestyle. Synthesizing his passion for business and software he decided to apply to the CRMBA program at Dalhousie. After graduation Zack’s goal remains the same where he wants to be a difference maker and feels as though with his MBA degree that he will now have the tools to help companies make those big decisions.