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We are not your typical tech company, Jonas Software owns, operates and manages over 110 tech companies all over the globe! Jonas Software Solutions is a part of Jonas Software and are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our goal is to continue to hire the best talent for our tech companies and to create a diverse, welcoming environment that allows each of our employees to grow and develop!


Perks and Benefits

Working for Jonas Software means that you get the opportunity to make a big impact for a small tech company while also getting the perks, benefits and security of working for a large corporation. Best of both worlds! 


Growth Opportunities


Small Teams


Flexible work envionment


New downtown office - filled with lots of coffee and snacks!


Company Events


Work-life balance

Our PRomises



Inclusive Environment

Many of our employees work for different companies but we strive to ensure that each of employees in Nova Scotia are included in everything that we do!


Innovation and Colloboration

Not only does each Business Unit ensure that they are continuously innovating their products and collaborating with their employees.  Here at Jonas Software Solutions we as well are always thinking one step ahead to find ways to increase innovation and collaboration between teams.

Personal Growth

We want to ensure that each of our staff feels valued and feels as though they are being challenged at their job.  This is why we do regular meetings with our employees from each Business Unit to make sure they are growing and reaching their goals.

Life In Nova Scotia

Jonas Software Solutions is based out of beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the tech industry is growing quickly.  Making working in Nova Scotia a great opportunity to grow your skills and enjoying a relaxing lifestyle.

Nova Scotia is like no other province, it has something to offer the whole family. Being nestled right on the coast it has the perfect balance of city life and nature views.  Nova Scotia is filled with lots of incredible restaurants, cozy cottage getaways, to boat tours, there is something everyone can enjoy.  The hardest part of living here will be deciding what adventure to take next !

Our Team

At Jonas we feel as though a job is about more than just a job description, we feel as though a job is also about the connections and relationships you build.  Which is why we love getting the team together to get to know one another better!

Our fun energetic team gets together a few times a month, both virtually and in person, to blow off some steam and learn something new! Here are some events that we have done so far this year: 

        •  Coffee Chats – one of our employees take time to teach our other employees about their business unit and what they do 
        • Axe Throwing – to kick off summer we took our team out for a little fun 
        • Office Lunch – working at Jonas you have the flexibility to work from home or in the office but we enjoy offering team lunches so the team can meet in person
        • Boat Cruise – we knew this year has been tough and we knew how hard our employees had been working so we had an employee appreciation night to celebrate all of their hard work
        • And so much more! 

Let’s work together to get you your dream job !

If you are looking for a change or to start a new career that will challenge you and give you the opportunity to grow, check out our available positions and apply today!

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