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We are not your typical tech company, we are unique!

Jonas Software is a large organization that owns, manages and acquires a wide variety of small tech companies.  These verticals vary from health and wellness software to campsite software and everything in between, which means we have something for everyone!

Jonas Software Solutions, a part of Jonas Software, is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and our goal is to hire the best talent for companies all across North America.  How we are different is that although you will be working for Jonas Software and Jonas Software Solutions, you will work directly with your business unit.  This means that you will get the opportunity to make a big difference with small tech companies all well getting the benefits, perks and security of working for a large corporation!


Our business units

Our Business Units here in Nova Scotia range from health and wellness software to email marketing software.  Check out each of our talented business units and what they are doing to help simplify operations for business to make a big impact!

97 Display

Martial Arts & Fitness Software 


Food Service & Healthcare Software 

Critical Impact

Email Marketing Software


Integrated Payment Software

Jonas Fitness Inc.

Heath & Fitness Club Management Software

Member Solutions

Martial Arts & Fitness Software

My Media Box

Online Productivity Software


Scheduling & Client Management Software


Early Childhood Program Software


Recreation Management Software


Job Tracking Software


Scheduling, Management, and Membership Software

Here at Jonas Software we believe that work is about more than just the work you do but also the connections and relationships you make along the way!

Collaborative Teams

Due to our unique business structure our employees get to work with and collaborate with their own team but also with all of our other teams.

Deeply Connected

We are committed to to creating an environment where it allows our employees to grow and develop.

Highly Skilled

We have a diverse set of teams and employees who have  a strong skill set in a variety of areas.

Let’s Work together to get you your dream job!

If you are looking for a change or to start a new career that will challenge you and give you the opportunity to grow, check out our available positions and apply today!

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