Jonas Software Solutions

Building the Future 

Jonas Software manages a variety of software companies across the globe.  We pride ourselves on giving people unique opportunities to innovate and grow to build a brighter future! 

What we offer

By working for Jonas Software Solutions you will get the opportunity to make a big difference for small tech companies all well getting the benefits and perks of working for a large organization!


Competitive Salaries



Flexible Work Environment

Growth Opportunities

Great software companies. With even better people.

Best part of working for Jonas is that you don’t just have one family, you have lots! With a wide variety of verticles we have a diverse group of employees with a wide range of skills that help empower each other to grow, develop and solve problems!




Cups Of Coffee

About us

We are a tech company who owns and manages many small tech companies across the globe. We work with the teams to help find them the best candidates to help their companies and employees grow!

Jonas Software Solutions gives people the opportunity to live in the East Coast in beautiful Nova Scotia and still pursue enriching and impactful careers!

How we are different

When you choose to be part of our diverse family you are becoming part of so much more! You get the opportunity to make a big impact alongside many talented individuals for small tech companies, all while getting the perks, benefits and security of working for a large trusted corporation.

Let’s work together to get you your dream job !


If you are looking for a change or to start a new career that will challenge you and give you the opportunity to grow, check out our available positions and apply today!

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